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Our Firm:
The Ring Retail Advisory, LLC is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based consulting firm offering a broad range of client services specializing in the businesses of multi-channel retail and consumer goods & services. The president and founder of RRA, Pamela Joy Ring has over 30 years of expertise in these industries and considers herself, "an impassioned merchant". She has developed a talented pool of vendor professionals with diverse areas of expertise capable of complementing RRA's services in fulfilling the demands of your project:


"Our clients want three core results from RRA:
  • To help them make money
  • To help them save money
  • To help them find money
At RRA we are driven to achieve these goals for our clients every single day."

Pamela Joy Ring

Our Philosophy:

Respect our clients:
At The Ring Retail Advisory, LLC, we view our clients as partners, and their challenges are our challenges. This philosophy of working with our clients in a "roll-up-the-sleeve", "side-by-side" manner builds relationships tied by a mutual bond of trust, respect and integrity. That bond is essential to us at RRA and serves as a standard in delivering our very best to our clients every single day.

Our Mission:

  • To apply the core standards of our philosophy in helping our clients answer their challenges with real and practicable solutions.


How We Work:

Approach our client's business challenges from a strategic perspective:
At RRA we look for the difference between the symptom of a problem and the root of the problem. We build solutions from the root of the problem through:


Provide real and practicable solutions to problems:
At RRA we develop realistic solutions that are respectful to the resource constraints of our clients:

"If I were asked 'what is the best talent you bring to a business situation'? My answer would be two fold: my ability to get at the root of a problem in very short order because I ask the right questions, and my ability to find resolutions which are practicable and forward-moving respectful of the resources needed. These talents are at the core of the best chief executive and are fundamental to the quality of the service and product I provide to my clients."

Pamela Joy Ring

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What Makes Us Different:

  • We Listen: Many consultancies do not listen. They approach their clients with a pre-determined agenda utilizing "canned" approaches that "appear" to be responsive to the client's needs. How can you help someone if you don't listen and want to understand their problem?
  • We respect you and how hard you have worked
  • We've "walked in your shoes": Pamela Ring has "lived" every part of building, running and managing a complex retail operation and public company as well as having delivered innovative, revenue-generating ideas for the corporations for which she worked prior to her own company. She has experienced and met the challenges first-hand of building a business as it goes through its life cycle.
  • We get to know you in a cost efficient timely way: At RRA we invest our time in knowing our clients, understanding their visions, their "take" on their problems as well as getting up to speed in very short order on the nuts and bolts of their business. We know that your time, money and resources are precious. We respect you and how hard you have worked.
  • We see the big picture—it's strategic thinking, analysis, execution and management: At RRA we look for the difference between the symptom of a problem and the root of the problem. We build solutions from the root of the problem.
  • You are the beneficiary of how we work:
    • We deliver top-flight, professional results just like the big city consultancy firms without their costs and pretense:
      • Our business model and practice is cost efficient so that you do not have to pay for pretense.
      • We are "plugged in" and have developed a professional pool of vendors who have proven their ability to meet our exacting standards of performance. They can fulfill the varied requirements demanded from your project and complement the services RRA provides.
    • Our ability to deliver lies in our:
      • Experience
      • Passion
      • Belief in you and your business


Who We Are:
Meet Pamela Joy Ring:

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