Client Services in Detail

Strategic Planning

Utilizing RRA's strategic perspective in how it approaches your business challenges, RRA is focused on three core "big picture results" for its clients:

  • To help them make money
  • To help them save money
  • To help them find money

How we go about developing these results rests in the precision of the goals we put forth in our strategic plans and in the details of the plans themselves. RRA knows the multiple layers that impact making and saving money for retailers and consumer-driven businesses. From understanding consumer buying behaviors, the message and power of a brand, merchandise mix and inventory turnover to sales promotions and pricing as well as how to measure the effectiveness of a channel. These are just a few of the many facets of RRA's industry expertise; facets RRA evaluates in delivering solutions for its clients that make, save and where needed, find money for them.
(See Corporate Finance). Learn more at Client Experiences & Testimonials


Sales, Marketing & Branding

With 30 years of industry experience RRA knows what fuels success on the revenue and cost sides. Sales, Marketing & Branding should be strategically integrated for maximizing revenues.

Revenue Checklist:

  • Generate sustainability in the customer relationship and product demand
  • Create a memorable customer experience no matter the channel
  • Customer experience should be considered and present in all channels this helps define the brand
  • Provide cross-selling opportunities for your sales force that will maximize a given sales opportunity while promoting repeat sales business
  • Understand the power of your product/merchandise; does it lend itself to re-positioning and reinvention?
  • Devise and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy; ensure that it is adaptable and consistent with every distribution channel and media medium it uses. By so doing you perpetuate the brand.
  • Build into your brand the flexibility for product re-positioning and reinvention



With 30 years of industry experience Pamela Ring understands how to maximize revenue while being highly cost efficient. Buying right, pricing right, selling right, being responsive to customer demand and market conditions, increasing inventory turns and shelf life availability, streamlining functions, ensuring technology supports operations effectively, these are some of the benchmarks RRA evaluates and builds into its recommendations.

Cost Efficiency Checklist:

  • Margin Management
  • Inventory Efficiency
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Technology Efficiency


Multi-Channel Development & Integration:
Diversifying Risk in Your Business Model

Today, the options to sell to consumers have never been greater. There is a sales channel for every target audience which requires a different set of costs and revenue expectations for the retailer and consumer products company. For every channel there is competition ready to pounce on what innovations these consumer-driven businesses offer. Pamela Ring has 30 years of success in generating revenues for businesses who sell consumer services and hard products. The mechanics and business fundamentals it takes to build these businesses and execute their plans are very similar. In today's tough economic and competitive environment, the trick is to determine which channel or channels can successfully be manipulated to deliver to the business' strategic goal given its resources. RRA's experience is in developing multi-channel portfolios for its clients. RRA looks to each channel with a view to exploiting its potential for unrealized value and growth for its clients. Against troubled economic times, changes in consumer behavior and industry competition, the survivors and winners are those who understand how to manage their channels while operating under sound business fundamentals. RRA has success in developing and integrating these channels in a strategic execution:

  • Brick & Mortar Retail
  • Catalog Development & Sales
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • E-commerce Development & Execution
  • Telemarketing
  • Home Shopping Television


Organization & Change Management

The engine that runs any company big or small is its organization, defined by its functions, projects, processes, and performance. The benchmarks that guide these components have got to be specific, measurable and adaptable to change while still being practical. It's truly a "balancing act" which Pamela Ring has successful experience:

"Managing an organization is an art, not a science. To be able to navigate change in a balanced fashion is like conducting a symphonic orchestra with all its complexity, so that it makes the music its composer intended in the synchronized fashion he created."

-Pamela Joy Ring

At RRA we help our clients in ensuring that their company and its functions are working at maximum efficiency and performance


Brick & Mortar Build-Outs & Merchandising

Pamela Joy Ring is, "an impassioned merchant": She has extensive experience in the planning and construction of a nationwide store network and knows how to place your merchandise to maximize sales in your store (and for that matter, any other channel you use):

  • $3MM, 9 gallery build out in 8 years
  • Successful in negotiating, planning and execution of a multi-store build-out on time and on budget:
    • in mall new construction
    • in mall renovation
    • exterior stand alone new construction
    • exterior stand alone renovation
  • Invented standardized systems of inventory planning and control in her own business
  • Saved $250M from plan in designing efficiencies in build-out and merchandise development in her own business
  • Sales/Sq ft maximization:

"One of my greatest professional talents is my ability to be thrown into a new business situation and in very short order, ask the questions and devise the answers that will turn a situation around. This comes naturally to me. I use this same talent when I walk into a store. In very short order, I can see how to make a positive difference by my observation of the store's configuration, placement of inventory, lighting and sales force dynamic. Without your spending a dime on capital improvements, I can make a positive difference in sales in your brick & mortar environment."

- Pamela Joy Ring

August Presentation

Pamela Ring with Jim Trueworthy
of the Hat Company:


Tenant & Owner Representation

Pamela Ring has extensive experience in the negotiation, construction and management of a nation-wide network of stores in high-end shopping centers owned by the largest REITs and developers:

  • RRA understands the negotiating positions of both tenant and landlord
  • RRA can resolve build-out issues with answers that are diplomatic, pragmatic,
    cost-effective to both parties
  • RRA advises developers and commercial real estate agents with merchant mix and placement recommendations:
    • To build and maintain value of the property
    • To improve intra-merchant cross-sale opportunities within a property
    • To generate consumer loyalty by making their experience positive and memorable and thus make the property a brand
    • To make properties destinations
  • Pamela Joy Ring is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and is a CDP candidate for 2009 (Certified Development, Design and Construction Professional) through the ICSC.


Corporate Finance

Employing our philosophy of respecting our clients and viewing them as our partners, with our, "roll-up-the-sleeve", "side-by-side" approach, helping them find money, based upon the solutions RRA recommends, is one more service it offers. RRA often works on projects, be they start-up or expansion, where additional, outside capital is needed. With Pamela Ring's 22 years as executive vice president and acting COO of a public company and her continuous role in her volunteer business organizations, she has and continues to develop a diversified network of financial resources upon which she can call to present her client's propositions.

"Our clients want three core results from RRA:
  • To help them make money
  • To help them save money
  • To help them find money
At RRA we are driven to achieve these goals for our clients every single day."

Pamela Joy Ring


"On Call & On Going" Advisory Services

At the heart of RRA's services is its philosophy: we view our clients as partners, and their challenges are our challenges. Our "roll-up-the-sleeve", "side-by-side" manner goes to why we created our, "On Call & On Going" Advisory Services:

  • "On Call": As a current client, RRA is readily available to you. At the ring of a phone or "send" of an email, when our clients have a question, comment, or crisis, we respond proactively with an attitude of "ready to help".
  • "On Going": The job may be done, but our relationship goes on, with the same "ready to help" attitude. RRA offers its "On Going" advisory services as your business continues:
    • RRA can be retained to manage the execution of its recommendations
    • RRA can arrange to continue its "On Call" services.


Custom Training Programs

Pamela Ring has developed and taught
results-oriented custom training programs which combine in-class, and on-the-job training:

  • Sales Productivity: Pamela Ring's 50 person commissioned sales force achieved an average annual average of 15% improvement in sales production per salesperson and a annual average increase in sales of 17% per store.
  • Product & Operations Knowledge:
    • Pamela Ring's multi-phased product knowledge sales course in her own business generated sales within three days of a salesperson's study of "Phase I".
    • Pamela Ring developed product knowledge courses and standards for home office operations for her company.
  • Employee Productivity and Loyalty: Pamela Ring as a team leader and player fostered support for success in co-workers and associates resulting increased productivity as noted by the statistics above and long term loyalty averaging 10 years/employee in her own company.