How We Work

Strategic Perspective

Simply put, we work to see the big picture. At RRA, we look for the difference between the symptom of a problem and the root of the problem. We build solutions from the root of the problem. That is how you know the foundation of your plan and its follow through from execution to its ongoing management are all solid in their approach. Every standard is delineated by our checklist of measuring our solutions for you. That checklist is RRA's guide to delivering its strategic perspective and by using this approach, RRA is able to develop solutions that are sustainable and successful for its clients:

"If I were asked 'what is the best talent you bring to a business situation'? My answer would be two fold: my ability to get at the root of a problem in very short order because I ask the right questions, and my ability to find resolutions which are practicable and forward-moving respectful of the resources needed. These talents are at the core of the best chief executive and are fundamental to the quality of the service and product I provide to my clients."

- Pamela Joy Ring


1. Approach our client's business challenges from a strategic perspective:
At RRA we look for the difference between the symptom of a problem and the root of the problem. We build solutions from the root of the problem through:


2. Provide real and practicable solutions to problems respectful of the resource constraints of our clients. The solutions must conform to our checklist:
The solution must be:

  • practicable
  • cost and resource efficient
  • delivers improvement and growth
  • increases corporate/shareholder value
  • demonstrates flexibility: shows responsiveness to anticipated contingencies and adapts to changes in market conditions
  • methodical and measurable
  • result-driven


August Presentation

Pamela Ring with Judith August



Employing our philosophy of respecting our clients and viewing them as our partners, with our, "roll-up-the-sleeve", "side-by-side" approach, our way of consulting does not start with telling you what we think, but rather with listening and learning. We continue listening and learning as we apply our talents and resources to devising the best strategic solution for you utilizing our strategic perspective. We get to know you in a cost efficient and timely way. We know that your time, money and resources are precious and we respect how hard you have worked. Throughout this dynamic you can expect to be both working with and being updated by us. The end result is a real and practicable solution, which conforms to the standards presented in our checklist of measuring our solutions for you. The best consulting results are those that benefit from the dynamic of RRA's continued communication with its clients. We believe our "partnership" philosophy builds relationships tied by a mutual bond of trust, respect and integrity. That bond is essential to us at RRA and serves as a standard in delivering our very best to our clients every day.



Our opinions, advice, recommendations, come to you in a variety of ways:
i. Formally
ii. Informally
In the beginning...
1. We listen in a variety of ways:

  • We talk with you
  • We may devise and provide you with a general survey to gather more information
  • We may invest time preliminarily at your offices to observe and learn of your operations
  • We review in a topical manner, written histories of your business, collateral marketing materials, your website, etc.


2. We present a letter of engagement and project scope of work overview for your approval going forward.

Going Forward...
1. After conducting the appropriate effort as defined in the scope of work:

  • Our recommendations may come in the formal form of a written plan:
    • The nature of the plan depends upon the definition of the problem — it could be as broad-reaching as a business plan for a start-up, to a repositioning document for an existing business.
  • Our recommendations may come in an informal form:
    • You may want RRA to provide you with just conversational opinion, which it would provide as well as writing a summary of the conversation including an "action overview".
  • Our services may include "On Call & On Going" Advisory Services:
    • You may want RRA to be "On Call" as needed as a general advisor in your
      day-to-day activities.
    • You may want RRA to serve you in an "On Going" manner such as supervising the management of the execution of its recommendations.



We define "execution" by the actions, logistics, methodology, consistency, discipline and resources RRA employs to achieve its client's solutions. Execution is always a consideration in RRA's recommendations, no matter how formally or informally they are presented. Our executions are pragmatic, driven by the client's realities of time, money and resources.



Who's minding the store? Who's directing the plan? Who's ensuring that goals are met and benchmarks are hit? Who's measuring the performance of a project's execution from a daily, monthly, annual and long-term perspective? Are the lines of responsibility and accountability clearly defined and designed to move the project and the company forward? At RRA we build solutions with process in mind; so that management of execution is doable, controllable and measurable for the client. RRA also offers management assistance through its, "On Going" Advisory Service.

"Managing an organization is an art, not a science. To be able to navigate change in a balanced fashion is like conducting a symphonic orchestra with all its complexity, so that it makes the music its composer intended in the synchronized fashion he created."

-Pamela Joy Ring