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"Making Chicken Salad Out of Chicken Feathers":

The Recipe for How to be Resourceful:

Which is more difficult:

a. To find new money and use it to solve an existing problem?
b. To solve an existing problem with current resources?

In my 30+ years of developing and building successful selling opportunities, I have found that when there is a problem to be solved, money thrown at a problem is not its cure.

The cure is found in my Two-Step Recipe:

  1. Strategic Thinking:
    Looking to the core cause of the problem. So, for example, if you are a brick and mortar retailer and you are finding that your store traffic flow is moving too fast for you to make a sale; do you ask yourself:
    • "Why is the traffic moving too fast?" OR do you ask:
    • "What is it about my store that is not slowing down the shopper?"
    The second question begs for specifics and forces you to start to look for specific reasons:
    • One of those reasons is the key to the answer
    That's strategic thinking...finding the root of a problem, from there a myriad of solutions can be found and formed into a proper plan of action.
  2. Making the Most of What You Have:
    Before you go out and buy new inventory to give your store, "fresh blood" for a new season:
    • Conserve your resources, reconfigure what you have.
    This is found money!!
    As a result:
    • You can take an inanimate environment and give it life by creating vignettes in your displays that are "suggestive" and promote cross sales
    • You will gain control over your traffic flow
    • Your sales people will be more effective and successful
    • The room will work for you.